Why Us

Just For Krypto is generating fast revenue, profitability, we have a proven concept for growth, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future of the Bitcoin space. We are innovating in tech, getting more profit out of every machine. We are utilizing immersion technology ahead of the market, and we are pairing that with custom firmware to run our equipment in a liquid-cooled environment adding years of life to the machines.

We are innovating every day, and we hope that you will join us for an amazing journey that will impact countless lives while generating profits most can’t even dream of. We don’t just dream, we execute.

We are Agile, Innovative & Resourceful.

01Just For Krypto started with one miner in 2021. We quickly became aware of the opportunity for large-scale mining with massive profitability and moved forward with the plan to grow. Within six months we built and filled a 3MW farm with 625 miners, acquired a building and 20MW of power to house over 4,000 miners, and are negotiating a power contract for 100MW housing over 18,000 miners. We saw an opportunity, acted quickly, and have positioned ourselves for success. Our goal is to fill the 20MW farm by September 1st, 2022, and the 100MW farm live within 12 months, building them both out simultaneously. Our 20MW farm will produce around $30M in profit annually based on the current value of BTC. As BTC rises in price, that number grows as well. A 100MW farm will generate around $205M in profit annually based on the current BTC price.   

02The infrastructure required is immense. Even though the entire country is battling supply chain issues we have proven that, with our global network, we can acquire the equipment necessary in less than half the time that most companies can domestically. We look forward to continuing to use our network to act fast and grow quickly.

03We are surrounding ourselves with industry leaders to help guide us and it is paying dividends. We beat the market to immersion mining; now, the market is moving to follow our design. For example, a BTC miner from Florida who has a 140MW farm and has mined 50,000 BTC in his career heard about what we are doing and flew up to tour our mine. He was so impressed that he launched a mine following our exact template. We are innovating in design, layout, and software development to manage our equipment. This software generates more profitability from our machines than has ever been seen in the space. We can do these things because we have surrounded ourselves with engineers and developers who share our passion for innovation.

04Overclocking and custom firmware ahead of the market. We run Immersion mines which are state of the art. By operating in immersion, we remove all moving parts and opportunities for corrosion and overheating. This increases the equipment’s lifespan and allows for overclocking. We overclock 96TH machines to 150TH while keeping the devices at stable temperatures drastically increasing the profitability of the equipment. We are setting trends in this space by utilizing custom proprietary firmware, managing the equipment and maximizing ROI.

Unique Profitability

The graph below was shared with us at a mining conference. The presenter explained that the current crypto market in terms of adoption is equivalent to internet adoption in 1998. Only early adopters and pioneers were leveraging the internet in 1998, but adoption grew quickly and the internet changed the world. We expect the crypto market to do the same, led by Bitcoin. 

Sources: International Telecommunication Union, Our World in Data, Crypto.com, Statista, Bloomberg, and Wells Fargo Investment Institute.

Speed is Imperative

Michael Saylor, billionaire tech space CEO, has a massive following in the cryptocurrency community. He spoke at a conference in February 2022 and was ecstatic about mining opportunities available this year. He spoke in-depth about rapid growth and the exponential profitability that will come to the mining companies that grow the fastest, beat the rate of adoption, and have large amounts of BTC holdings on the balance sheet. Just For Krypto shares his bullish outlook and is dedicated to succeeding at all of the above.