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Just For Krypto is more than an early adopter, we are innovators in the Bitcoin mining space. Join Us!

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40 Years of Expansion

Just For Krypto was founded by the Clough family of Brainerd, MN. The Cloughs have a track record of 40 plus years running successful businesses, mainly focused in the dance industry. Today the companies combine to generate over $30M in annual sales with around 1,000 employees and are privately owned by the Clough Family.

The vision for Just For Krypto is to go public within 48 months at a valuation of $2B or greater at IPO. Based on data of other companies in the space, we expect to exceed this valuation goal by continuing to grow, diversify, and react to the market while staying true to our business model and innovation as opportunity arises.

Just For Krypto is already an innovator in the space. We have had other mining operations inquire about our mines, travel to see the project, and admire our forward thinking and ability to execute our plan extremely fast. Industry leaders have come to view our project, one of which has mined over 50,000 Bitcoin, and he is now pivoting his strategy to follow our model.


•800 MINERS (Sold Out)
•Minnesota, USA

•4,500 MINERS
•Minnesota, USA

•10,000+ (Miners Coming Soon)

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