Leadership Team

Steve Clough

Co-Founder, President & Chairman of the Board

Steve Clough, founder, and co-owner with his wife, Cindy, of Just For Kix, a Baxter-based full-service dance company with 200 youth programs in 12 states, has a 40+ year track record of running successful businesses. Just For Kix, Just For Kix catalog, and The Teehive are all family-owned and operated in the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota. Steve developed a passion for investing early in his career and started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2017. In 2021 Steve and his son Jerad decided to try mining Bitcoin and Etherium on a small scale. In a very short time, they knew they wanted to expand their small mining business into a large-scale company. Through some early trial and error, they knew they needed to bring in some very smart people as consultants, and Just For Krypto was born. A 1.5MW Immersion farm was started inside The Teehive in August 2021. Then an additional 1.5MW of immersion was added. The profits were apparent, so a building and 20MW were contracted and are currently being launched in Brainerd, MN. Steve has the willingness to try new things, a team around him to execute the plans, and has been reinvigorated in his career at 64 years old with the birth of Just For Krypto, and he is extremely excited about the future.

Jerad Clough

Co-Founder, Co-CEO & Board Member

Jerad has a background in marketing and has been heavily focused on the cryptocurrency space for 4 years. Jerad is an innovator and entrepreneur, and has guided the vision of Just For Krypto since its inception.

The Squad

Joel Clough


Joel Clough manages all accounting and finances for all Clough family companies. He manages teams as well as strategizes opportunities. Joel is passionate about financial success and security, and focuses on sustainable growth of all companies.

Justin Heitkamp


Justin has held numerous leadership positions in the Clough family companies. He embodies the hard work and passion for success that has brought the companies to their current position. Justin manages finances, works with our overseas partners on development, and handles sourcing of all products and the logistics involved.

Mike Weissenfluh


Mike has a background in Information Technology. He is a certified Bitmain technician making him fully capable of maintenance and repair of all Bitmain manufactured equipment. This certification allows us to procure machine parts directly from the manufacturer. As a certified technician, Mike is part of a large network of techs which provides our company with industry knowledge, new developments, and support. 

Xue Li

Marketing Director

Xue Li (Sherry) has worked with the Clough family for over 10 years. She has experience managing and directing the marketing teams in all Clough family businesses. Sherry is a leader, an innovator, and a truly unique talent in the areas of design and marketing strategy. Sherry brings to life the vision and goals of the business plan and is a pro at executing strategy.